Marian Britton’s Captain’s Prize

Lady Captain’s Day at Cobh Golf Club

Congratulations to our Lady Captain Marian Britton, who held her Captain’s Prize for the Ladies on Saturday, 16 July 2022. A lot of work went into the day and Marian was rewarded with brilliant participation and plenty of sunshine.

What a great competition day it was! The Gents looked after the Ladies to send them off (thanks, Podge and Pat and Seamie!), the sun shone and a light breeze gave some needed cooling in a heated competition.

Count-backs were needed to separate the players in the end, and many Congratulations go to the overall winner, Heather Casey, who ‘burnt up’ the course after a slow start – brilliant! Eileen van Leeuwen was ‘pipped’ in a countback – she came 2nd on 39 points. The final result:

  1. Heather Casey (19) 39 pts
  2. Eileen van Leeuwen (45) 39 pts c/b
  3. Rose Higgins (25) 37 pts
  4. Liz Ryan (41) 37 pts c/b
  5. Mary O’Grady (49) 37 pts
  • Best Gross: Ann Lenihan (20) 18 pts
  • Past Captain: Teresa Delius (24) 35 pts.

But really, everyone was the winner on this day – a great game of golf, beautiful sunshine, and smiles all around were to be had at daytime. This was followed by a fantastic dinner (thanks, Marcin and Justina and the whole Food Club Crew – you outdid yourselves!), and a dance with great live music by Niamh O’Connor until exhaustion – a day to remember for a long, long time…

Here are a few early snapshots of all the teams going out to compete (well, the Cobh Animation Team are truly beyond competition).