Cobh Golf Club Course Rules

Please read our course rules for a better experience.

Slow Play

Please avoid slow play at all times, remember if you lose a hole on the match in front you are expected to let the match behind play through.

Soft Spikes

Soft spikes are mandatory at Cobh Golf Club.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones on the course should be limited to emergency calls.  The ring tone volume should be as low as possible not to interfere with other players. Mobile phones are allowed to be used with golf apps such as GPS and score card applications.

Practice rounds

In practice you may only hit TWO balls from any tee box and only ONE ball onto any green. Tee pegs must be used when teeing off from all tee boxes. Take practice swings off the tee box. Keep trolleys to pathways and off the tee boxes.

How To Help Your Course

We all endeavour for a better golfing experience so please help where possible.

On the Tee

Do not replace divots but fill divot scars with a mixture of sand, soil & seed where possible. Do not take practice swings on the tee. Keep trolleys off the tees, in particular
avoid walking trolleys through the Ladies or forward tees when leaving the teeing ground.

On the Fairway

Replace all divots with care immediately. (Replace divots in the rough as well) Keep to pathways and walkways especially in Winter.

In the Bunker

Use the rake with both hands in a backward and forward motion after your ball has been hit out. Always leave the rake outside and parallel with the bunker.

On The Green

Repair all pitch marks, always carry a pitch fork in your bag and use it. A good rule is to repair your own plus one more. Never DROP the pin on the green. Never use your putter to scoop the ball out of the hole. Replace the pin carefully. Take care not to cause scuff marks with your shoes. NEVER take trollies onto the green.

  • Always shout FORE whenever your ball is heading towards other players or green keepers.
  • Look out for signs warning you that chemicals have been used on the course. Some of these may be harmful.
  • Always carry a copy of the rules of Golf in your bag. Remember no one knows all the rules.
  • If the greens are covered in frost and no “Course Closed” sign is up, please call the course Manager or Captain.
  • If you feel you have a good suggestion please forward it in writing to the committee.