🌟 Join the Winning Team in 2024 🌟

Elevate Your Experience in 2024! Join our community of excellence and be part of an incredible 15-year journey at Marino Point. Our course is flourishing, and membership is open. It’s a commitment to excellence and community that propels us forward. Be proud to be part of Cobh Golf Club’s thriving legacy!

**Full Membership Benefits:**
In 2024, despite the surging demand, we stand strong in offering full membership with absolutely no joining fees. Our membership categories cater to various preferences, ensuring a place for everyone in our vibrant community.

**Membership Categories and Rates:**
1. **Full Membership:** €950 or €79.20 per month (Direct Debit)
2. **Seniors (Over 65 years):** €780 or €65.00 per month
3. **Seniors (Over 75 years):** €420 or €35.00 per month

**Inclusive Golf Ireland Levies and Annual Insurance:**
Your membership fee covers Golf Ireland levies and annual insurance, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

👫 **Special Rates for Couples:**
For legally partnered couples, we offer reduced rates, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity and shared experiences.

– **Couple (Full Membership):** €830 or €69.20 per month each
– **Couple (Senior):** €660 or €55.00 per month each

📝 **How to Join:**
Ready to become a part of our thriving community? Fill out the membership application inquiry form at the bottom of this page. For more information, feel free to reach out to our Pro Shop or office at 021-4812 399, or simply send an email to secretary@cobhgolfclub.ie.

In 2024, we aren’t just beating inflation; we’re setting the standard for community-driven excellence. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary journey! Join us today and elevate your golfing experience to new heights. ⛳️🏆 


Introductory Rates

  • Young Adults (up to 30 years of age) – €580 / €48.40 per month
  • Intermediates (up to 25 years of age) – €430 / €35.90 per month.
  • Student (up to 25 years of age) – € 250/ €20.90 per month.
  • Juveniles (up to 17 years of age) – Call Office

Other Membership Categories

  • Overseas membership – €250/€20.90 per month.
  • Country membership – €250/€20.90 per month.

Please check with our office for terms and condition. Golf Ireland levies and annual insurance are included in our membership rates above.

Further T & C’s 

  • Students must be between 18  – 25 years old, in full time education or a 1-3 year apprentice.
  • Intermediate members must be between the 18 – 25 years and not in full time education, max 3 years.
  • Young Adult members are 21 – 30 years, can only be in this category for a maximum of 2 years.
  • Overseas members are someone who lives outside the Country for a minimum  75% of year.
  • Country member is someone who has permanent residence  outside of the county of  Cork and MUST be a voting member of another affiliated club.
  • Juvenile member is aged 10 years –  to 17 years and in 1st or 2nd level education.

Please note that all rates above INCLUDE affiliation Fee and Insurance.

(021) 4812399

Cobh Golf Club,
Marino Point, Cobh,
Co. Cork.

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