Unlock a world of elegance and excellence at Cobh Golf Club – where the fairways meet femininity! 🏌️‍♀️✨

Ladies, step into a sanctuary of sport and friendship at Cobh Golf Club, where the camaraderie is as captivating as the lush views that await you. Embrace the thrill of the swing and the joy of connection, as we extend a warm invitation to join our exclusive community of women who share a passion for precision and pleasure on the course.

While the number of ladies at Cobh Golf Club may be few, the rewards are bountiful. Picture yourself amidst like-minded individuals, forging friendships as strong as your drives. Our club is not just about golf; it’s a celebration of empowerment, resilience, and the sheer pleasure of embracing a challenge with grace.

Discover a space where skill and serenity harmonize. From invigorating rounds to enchanting events, Cobh Golf Club offers an unparalleled experience for every lady seeking to elevate her game and her social circle. Seize the opportunity to enhance your golfing prowess, surrounded by the stunning backdrop of our meticulously views of the harbour.

Embark on a golfing adventure that transcends the ordinary—Cobh Golf Club awaits, where the few become the cherished, and the rewards are as limitless as the horizon.

We Ladies have our competition days usually on Mondays (over 55s) and Tuesdays (everyone) – but of course you can also play weekends (we are after all, an equal rights Club and have signed the ‘Women in Golf’ charter). “A commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf”

We are delighted to announce Cobh golf Club made it to the list Local Charter Champions Ireland



Our Lady Captain Teresa Delius is looking forward to a brilliant new golfing season, with lots of games, enjoyment and laughter! Come and join – or try it out – call our Pro David on (021) 4 812 399.

We see you soon!